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whyndyke car boot

whyndyke car boot

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Whyndyke car boot is just at the end of the M55 at Blackpool. Went there on Sunday the 19th. It was pretty busy despite the weather.
Toilets are at the far end within the old Farmhouse yard. They are acceptable with a seperate disabled toilet with easy access. There is also a cafe though its a bit basic to say the least.
The car park is on grass which can become a problem if the ground is very soggy. There is seperate parking for disabled drivers nr the toilet area.
Whyndyke starts at seven thirty and there is a big line of traffic waiting to get in from about six thirty /seven ocklock. That makes it a bit frustrating if you are a buyer. They do seem to get on pretty quickly though once they start moving.
On every Sunday during the season it’s one of the biggest in the Blackpool area.

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